Every-time you hear about the Trans-Siberian Railway; you probably picture the cold Russian weather. Well, you might have guessed it right since it is the only line running towards one of the coldest parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Apart from its dreadful geographical location, this railway has other interesting facts that would compel anyone to include a journey through it in his or her bucket list. Let’s focus on a couple of facts you should know about the Trans-Siberian railway and you probably never knew about.

It is the Longest Railway Line in the World

Spanning at an incredible 9288 Km, you probably understand why the Great Wall of China is not the longest human-made feature in the world. It takes a whole week to travel through the Trans-Siberian railway and pass through 87 cities and towns. Also, you have to cross through 16 rivers and pass through a two-kilometer long tunnel, which is the longest railway in the line. The stretch starts from Moscow, Russia to Vladivostok, which is a coastal town overlooking the Golden Horn Bay near the Chinese and North Korean borders.

facts about trans-siberian railway

The Railway Line Passes through Eight Different Time Zones

Russia is the largest country in the world. Therefore, you probably know that it has more than one time zones. If you are traveling on the Trans-Siberian railway, you must experience all the eight-time zones across this colossal nation. As a first-time passenger, it is advisable to avoid setting your watch until you reach your destination. Also, you need to be aware of the time zones while planning your journey since you can easily get confused.

A Ride on the Railway Offers the Best Way to See Russia

If you are planning a trip to Russia, there is no other better way to see what this nation has to over rather than taking a ride on the Trans-Siberia railway. With the seven days of travel, there are definitely a lot of things that you will see along the way. Traveling through different cities and making a lot of stops will provide an opportunity to meet and interact with Russian people.

Passengers Can Leave the Train at Their Pleasure

Although it seems fascinating to plan a journey on the Trans-Siberia railway, it is not advisable to do it at a go. You can decide to alight in particular destinations along the way, spend a night or two in the cities and continue with the journey. This might require you to dig deep into your pocket, but if you are a real travel enthusiast, you can attest that this is a remarkable experience all the same.

However, most people prefer to take the Trans-Siberia railway to have a pure long train journey experience.

The Railway line is one of the Strenuous Projects That the Russian Government Has Ever Undertaken

Well, building a railway line stretching across the largest country in the world would not be cheap. In today’s financial position, building the Trans-Siberia railway would amount to a whopping 25 Billion US dollars, which translates to 1.5 Billion Russian Ruble back then. Besides that, the construction took 25 years to complete and involved around 100 000 people as well.

 It is understandable why the construction took that long, especially when constructors had to deal with the harsh Siberian climate and geographical appearance. The construction was too strenuous to the point of facing a lot of delays to flag it off once completed due to the financial burden it had put to the Russian government.

The Railway Line Stretch from Mongolia to China

Besides the main Trans- Siberian railway, there are two secondary branches known as the Trans- Mongolian and the Trans-Manchurian lines. The Trans-Manchurian line runs from Moscow to Beijing, China. The journey between these two great cities takes six nights and offers an exciting experience of the Russian, Chinese, and Mongolian cultures.

The Railway Crosses 16 Major Rivers

With the impressive geographic features that Russia has to offer, there are high chances of crossing a couple of rivers and lakes while on the Trans-Siberia railway. The railway passes through 16 rivers, which you probably don’t know about and are a handful to mention as well. However, a couple of notable rivers such as River Ob, which is the seventh-largest river in the world, and the Yenisei, which is the largest river draining into the Arctic. There are a lot of other enjoyable facts about the Trans-Siberia railway that any traveler would enjoy. If you are planning for a train trip, then this would be a good choice that you would never regret considering.

Image Credit to: Trans Siberian Cargo