This table contains the Fleet Status of Class 60 fleet Currently Available For Sale by Tender from DBS - Via the Disposals Site.
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Care should be exercised when evaluating data as much is taken from TOPS Lists and alike, whilst this may give an indication of why locos were stopped it does not always take account of parts being removed whilst in store, legitimately or not, nor such things as component swaps etc.
NumberStatusStoredPool CodeLiveryNameStorage LocationStorage ReasonEngine HoursLoco Info
60002For Sale15/12/2008WNTSEW&S RedHigh PeakCrewe DMDN/ONE - Wear and Tear20508
60013For Sale29/05/2011WNTSEWS GreyRobert BoyleToton TMDEngine Failure / 110 - Crankcase, Block, Crankshaft.18361
60021For Sale01/11/2009WNTSEWS Red Toton TMD100 - Engine Repairs - Unspecified / BCH - Bogie Change13977
60026For Sale01/03/2009WNTSEW&S Red Toton TMDN/ONE - Wear and Tear / 100 - Engine Repairs - Unspecified.19365
60028For Sale27/11/2008WNTSEWS GreyJoe FlamsteedCrewe IEMD612 - Wheels, Tyres & Axles.18707
60029For Sale09/12/2008WNTSEWS RedClitheroe CastleCrewe DMD100 - Engine Repairs - Unspecified. + N/ONE - Wear and Tear20756
60033For Sale10/04/2006WNTSCorus SilverTees Steel ExpressToton TMD410 - Main Alternator.11745
60038For Sale15/12/2008WNTSEWS RedAvestaPolaritCrewe DMDN/ONE - Wear and Tear / 100 - Engine Repairs - Unspecified.18772
60041For Sale07/12/2009WNTSEW&S Red Toton TMD100 - Engine Repairs - Unspecified.18361
60046For Sale15/12/2008WNTSEWS RedWilliam WilberforceCrewe DMDN/ONE - Wear and Tear15723
60047For Sale03/11/2008WNTSEWS Red Crewe DMDN/ONE - Wear and Tear19204
60048For Sale30/11/2010WNTSEWS RedEasternToton TMD112 - Pistons, Piston Rings, Gudgeon Pins & Con Rods.18491
60055For Sale27/11/2008WNTSEWS GreyThomas BarnardoCrewe DMD100 - Engine Repairs - Unspecified.20258
60056For Sale15/12/2008WNTSEWS GreyWilliam BeveridgeCrewe DMDN/ONE - Wear and Tear19930
60061For Sale13/08/2009WNTSTransrail Grey Toton TMD527 - Master Controllers / 110 - Crankcase, Block, Crankshaft.16108
60076For Sale15/12/2008WNTSEWS Grey Crewe DMDN/ONE - Wear and Tear19852
60085For Sale18/05/2010WNTSEWS RedMINI - Pride of OxfordToton TMD112 - Pistons, Piston Rings, Gudgeon Pins & Con Rods. / BCH - Bogie Change13304
60087For Sale11/08/2009WNTSEWS Red Toton TMDCLK - Coolant Leak / 410 - Main Alternator.13306
60095For Sale27/11/2008WNTSEWS Grey Crewe DMDWTR - Tyre Turning / N/ONE - Wear and Tear20539
60096For Sale12/01/2012WNTSEWS Red St Blazey110 - Crankcase, Block, Crankshaft.15268