Railways are colossal movers that used for passenger and cargo transport around the world. You will find so many job opportunities there that range from physical to operational management.

Most of the jobs position at the railroad are job with the union. In this exciting Industry, you will train in a wide variety of technical skills that will help you a lot during your career.

Are you looking to get a job on the railway?

Then stay here with us, because this article is going to teach you everything that you ever wanted to know about starting your career in the railway company.

Working on the rail-line provides you with a rewarding and worthwhile career. There are many ways you can grow and develop.

Necessary Steps to Take to Get Your Career on the Railway Started

Step 1: Join the Railway Recruiting Company

If you are looking to join the railway company, then the first step that you have to take is about getting Rail Sentinel Sponsorship. The sentinel sponsor is to ensure that you have an authentic Sentinel rail profile to book in the related training courses.

Initially, you do not have to serve as a partner by a railway employer. At this point, the best option is to sign up for a recruiting company such as ours. You will carry out all the administrative tasks required to keep you on the Rail Sentinel database and ready to train as sentinels.

Railway suppliers that have been certified and accredited to provide training will also help you to secure future jobs and to keep you safe you from all trouble along the way. We are a licensed and certified railway course provider and for providing railway employment.

Step 2: Launch Your Induction ICI Training

You will now be ready to take your first training course with a railway trainer once you have registered with an approved and accredited recruitment company in the Rail Sentiment database.

Every new worker who wants to get a job on or near the railways must complete a two-part Standard Induction training mandatory for the Industry that includes e-learning and an ICI training assessment to get a Rail Sentinel card.

ICI e-Learning module is the first part. It will provide you with basic knowledge and an understanding of risks also the health and safety aspects of working in railways and the subterrestrial infrastructure of London.

The second part is an evaluation of ICI training. You must have to score a minimum of 80 percent to pass the test. After your ICI training has been completed and passed, your Sentinel rail profile will be revised, and then your sponsor will order a Rail-sentinel card for you to improve your career.

Step 3: LU or Network Rail Medical, Drug, and Alcohol Screening

All workers who go to work on the railways or near railways must have to pass some tests such as alcohol, drug, rail networks, and medical exams. It will depend on what level the certificates will use.

To ensure that health is not compromised, everyone must comply with the applicable drugs and alcohol policies. Such tests are conducted before any work offer for jobs near or on to the track.

After passing all medical tests, you will become capable of the jobs and other training to work on the railway close or the tracks.

Step 4: PTS Training – Personal Track Safety Course

Personal safety and safety awareness is essential if you want to work on railways. The Personal Track Safety Course helps rail staff handle their security and earn the PTS card with full confidence. It is a two-part requirement needed for safe work on or off a railway.

Tips to Get the Railway Job

  • Emphasise Your Qualifications

The experience and education credentials that you will require it depends on the rail company and the role for which you are applying. Make sure that you apply for the job and, if you do, highlight those requirements.

  • Background Investigated

Before a railway company offers you a job, your past will be thoroughly investigated. Exact procedures would rely on the railway company itself, but if you have any references, then you may have to provide it, and criminal records and credit checks must be submitted.

According to Cornell University Law School, over the last seven years, employers have been investigating felony cases and crime that you have been convicted because of insanity. They also look for signs of incarceration in the past five years. Your History Search will show that if the law wants you. Any of these may not recruit you.

Final Thoughts

Working on the railways will give you a good career and offer you plenty of chances to learn and improve as your career progresses. The most challenging hurdle to clear may sometimes be the beginning.

At Atom Training, we assist several prospective rail employees to receive the required training credentials necessary to apply now and be able to work as soon as possible.