Not many people owned a model train when they were a kid. Most boys prefer little car models, a big teddy bear, or some cowboys and Indians to enjoy their playtime.

As many train model lovers will tell you, it is a hobby that you fall in love with as a grown man, and that love keeps growing as years go by. It is not just about trains, but also the sheer beauty of custom made dioramas, the relaxing and calming sound of train wheels, and gratification of becoming an expert in assembling a train composition.

InterMountain Railway
Marklin Toy Company

Since the Marklin toy company from Germany released its first model train kit in 1891, railway modeling became a worldwide favorite hobby for young boys and adults who refuse to grow up. It became a unique part of the toy industry, with standardized rules when it comes to scale and quality of production. A whole new market of specific accessories, landscapes, and dioramas emerged and developed into an industry with several respected brand names and a close community of like-minded railway model enthusiasts.

Brands like Lionel, Walters and Hornby had become a household name, and collectors seek their early models that reach very high prices on auction sales. New brands are looking for their chance, and they develop new kits, parts, and scales on the highly demanding and competitive market. One of those new brands which quickly rose to prominence is InterMountain Railway.

Founded in 1986, this small company from Colorado, USA, quickly earned a reputation as a leader in manufacturing locomotives in HO, Z, and N scales, which means models on scale 1:87, 1:160, and 1:220. Z scale models are especially valued among collectors because of the effort needed to replicate the smallest details on such a small scale.

And it is a production of precisely these types of models that earned InterMountain Railway’s reputation and established this manufacturer as one of the leading Z scale brands on the market. The diversity of their products and dedication to details is also what makes them a unique brand. Hundreds of different models with the addition of spare parts, wheels, and accessories bring joy and excitement into the heart of every railway modeler.

InterMountain Railway

InterMountain Railway built its reputation as a quite affordable brand with reasonable prices, which makes it a favorite among people who are beginners in this line of hobbies. Thanks to brands such as InterMountain Railway, enjoying train modeling can become an enjoyable past time for every man and child, and it breaks the stereotype of a hobby reserved only for wealthy admirers who can afford the most expensive kits and models.

Be sure to check InterMountain Railway if you are a beginner modeler and just looking for a way to get into the world of railway modeling. Also, be sure to check their website, which is so retro-styled, and it just brings you back into the childhood days and gives you that nostalgic feeling for the time when playing was pure joy and meaning of life. It is never too late to fall in love with train modeling and discover a new and exciting hobby.

Besides the variety of carriages and wagon models, InterMountain Railway offers a wide range of ESU sound decoders, modules to provide remote control and authentic railroad sound experience to all those who want to take their train game to the next level. If you are an experienced modeler and you appreciate the delicacy of an exquisite Z scale model, you will enjoy the level of their craft and their attention to details. After all, they proudly claim to be the place where detail makes the difference.