Women are an essential part of our society. All women are the embodiment of love, strength, courage, and sacrifice. In today’s world, women are financially independent, well aware and self-sufficient.

Women are getting colossal success in each and every field, whet it is politics, sports, academics or it is a railway industry. With the inspiration of education, they are now marching successfully with men in each and every field of life.

Women Empowerment on International Women Day

 In the 21st century, women are more empowered and working positively and independently everywhere. Earlier they remained below the shadow of their father or a husband. But now over time, women make their identity independently.

But as we all know getting an education is a vital key to lead a successful life. Empowering women will become more pertinent in the universe if women will become more educated and well informed. Women must understand their rights on this International Women Day in society so they can walk constantly with men’s.

Fatima Jinnah, Muniba Mazari, Mother Teresa, Noor Jaha, Indra Nooyi and a lot of other honorable women worked significantly in their fields and become the icon for other women of the universe.

Women in the Railway Industry

Years ago railways are only meant for men. Women can only work in some outsourced positions in the railway industry such as catering, administration, cleaning, and sales or women just stay at home.

International Women's Day

But now women’s roles changed enormously in the railway industry and they create a positive attitude in society. Women are working as a CEO, CFO, President, and Vice President and in many other renowned positions in the railway industry.

Most honorable and strong women of Railway Industry around the globe:

Let’s take a look at a short biography of some most honorable and strong women who are working at a high post in the railway industry around the globe.

Kelly Anne Gallagher

She is the executive director of the coalition Commuter Rail. Commuter rail is a union that launched in earlier 2019, the main focus of this union is on the policy and judicial requirement of commuter railroads. She worked there as the strategic advisor and transportation policy advisor. Kelly Anne recently worked as a team member in the Metropolitan Authority team. Further, she represented the United States on the railway industry panels throughout Asia and Europe. Moreover, Kelly Anne hosted as a railway industry delegator around the globe.

Barbara Wilson

Barbara Wilson is the CFO and President of Rail USA which operates and acquires North American railroads, provide business strategic leadership, and in charge of implementing strategies, goals, policies, and plan. Wilson was the president of the Wells Fargo rails before joining the Rail USA. Rails Fargo was the auxiliary of Fargo bank, which leases and owns more than 14000 locomotives, and 175000 railcars. During her job time in Fargo bank, he develops business multiple times to the bigger lessor in Northern America, through the accession of 3 industry contenders. She obtains a business administrative bachelor’s degree from “Boston College” and an MBA degree from “BABSON COLLEGE”.

Women physically working in the railway Industry.

Ginger Adamiak

The contribution by Adamiak gets started when she joined the KCS (Kansas City Southern). Adamiak remained in contact with the shareholder’s group and KCS executives. She did this to ensure that the stockholders were well known in KCS. In her thirteenth year job at KCS, she left her character not only in KCS, yet additionally with partners, industry, and customers overall. In her present job, she is controlling a project that is designed to help the customers exploit the benefits of living in Dallas.  Adamiak has a well-established responsibility to serve networking youth associations as a mentor, active participant, and leader in proceeding opportunities for youngsters, KCUYA (Kansas City urban youth academy) is also included.

Elizabeth Caruso

A 20-year-old veterinary surgeon, Caruso is the main key of inter-corporation relation with the RSI, RSSI, and REMSA that have brought about effective railway interchange business shows related to the mechanical association yearly conference, and AREMA. AREMA has extended the number of understudy chapters in universities, and collages introduce many young professionals with the railway transportation industry.