Unlike it's most recent contemporaries, classes 58 and 59 which had a solid under frame the Class 60 locomotive body is a full width monocoque type design and construction with a stressed skin. The skin is designed to carry all loads imposed by the installed equipment and created whilst in operation. Whilst more difficult to assemble the monocoque design is much lighter for the same strength, thus allowing the weight saving in the design specification to be used to elsewhere such as in extending the fuel capacity of the locomotive.

Whilst in the past Brush have manufactured bodyshells for many BR locomotives in-house at Falcon Works Loughborough, for the Class 60 Brush subcontracted the bodyshell construction to Procur of Wakefield. As part of this contract Procur manufactured and painted the bodyshells on site at it's own Wakefield factory before despatching the assembled bodies by road to Brush's Loughborough Works for fitting out as required.

Snow ploughs are an integral feature of the Class 60 body design, however these are largely cosmetic items and have proven to be of insufficient strength and of an unsuitable profile to be of use as ploughs. In the early 2000s as EWS gradually disposed of the locomotives such as classes 31, 33, 37 and 47 traditionally fitted with mini snowploughs attention turned, at the request of Railtrack, to upgrading the snowploughs of the class 60s to make them more useful. Whilst it is thought that a number of locomotives underwent modifications at EWS's Toton TMD it is unclear what the outcome of this programme was or how many locomotives were treated.

The locomotives were fitted with screw couplings and oval faced buffers since new, and whilst consideration has been given in the late 90s and early 2000s to fitting the class with a form of combination buck-eye and hook coupling liked the 66s and 67s work has not at the time of writing been proceeded with. However this limits the class 60s in respect of which wagons that can be coupled to the fleet. In some cases match wagons will be used to allow a class 60 to haul a rake of buck-eye fitted wagons.

The class is fitted with the usual arrangement of Air Reservoir and Brake control hoses at each end and is provided with a multiple working equipment socket behind a cover on the cab front.

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