Top Reasons why Riding a Train in the USA Is Not a Good Idea

True enough, moving by train in America is not ideal for any traveller. America is a big country compared to any European country. America’s population being the third most populated country in the world after China and India make train travel congested. Train travel, as the old means of transport, is becoming absolute. Here is why riding a train in the USA is not a good idea.

Time Consuming

While the trains are not very slow, they might not offer your demand based on how fast you want to travel. Traveling by train is time consuming compared to other means of travel such as air and personal vehicle. This makes it not a reliable form of transport, especially when in a hurry. For instance, travelling from Cleveland to Boston by train will take 14 hours, 11 minutes whereas by plane it only takes 1 hour, 2 minutes.

Not Comfortable

While travelling for long distances, one needs to be comfortable. With comfort, there is peace of mind, and you get to enjoy the entire journey. Most American trains offer the complete opposite of comfort and luxury with their stubby seats with less legroom. This exhausts the passengers while on travel, and you do not want that. To make matters worse, the long hours spent during travel makes everything frustrating.

Instances of Poor Customer Service

Customer service is essential for the betterment of any enterprise. Poor customer services have adverse effects on customer satisfaction. There have been numerous complaints by unsatisfied passengers travelling on American train services. This tarnishes the travelling services significantly making it unreliable. There are many options to make out there, and you don’t have to worry.

Inadequate Luggage Space

People travelling between states whether for business, leisure or any given reason, usually go with their luggage. Unfortunately, most American trains accommodate travelers with small luggage due to their limited spaces. Therefore, it would suit you best if you consider an alternative means of travel, especially when you have a lot to carry onboard.

Too Many Stop Overs

Stopovers are good and necessary, particularly on long distances. However, when they are too many and long, then they will surely get to your nerve. Long-distance trains in America tend to stop at all stations and take long before resuming. Here, they allow passengers to board or let the opposite train pass. In some instances, you’re not informed. This will, of course, upset any commuter in transit.

Train Travel in America is Expensive

Another common reason why train travel is boring in America is their expensiveness. America is too large, and the cities are not located close to each other. For instance, travelling from Washington DC to NYC can take three hours thirty minutes for $ 40. On the same route, Amtrak Acela can travel within two hours and fifty minutes at a rate of $120.

Well, compared with other trains in Europe such as the Rennes to Paris, France train, it takes two hours at a cost $30, meaning that it is quite affordable.

Low Travel Demand

Due to the low travel demand, there is a low train frequency compared with other means of transport. Therefore, you would probably have to wait for a long time to get a train to travel from one place to another. On the other hand, this would be enough time to get you to your destination through other means of transport. Therefore, most people end up opting for other means, which has continued to cripple train travel in America.

Affordable Cars and Gas

Buying a car in the United State is not expensive. Also, gas is quite affordable compared with other countries. Therefore, people would be prompted to rely on personal vehicles to travel even in long-distance rather than using the train. Besides, America has an elaborate highway network which works as an added advantage to car travelers.


The idea of travelling on a train in America is not worth your time or money. It is best to consider another means of transportation to avoid getting disappointed. However, with the little efforts that the American government is trying to rectify this issue, there are chances that it will improve as time goes by.