Over the years, train transportation has grown to be a popular means of transportation in Europe. There has been quite a lot of developments in this sector of transport, which has graced the high level of economic success witnessed in most European countries. Nevertheless, not all trains are affordable, and some are quite pricier compared with the rest. Explained below is a list of the most expensive trains in Europe, starting from the most expensive to the least costly.

Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman is an exclusive guest train operated by the Orient Express hotel. It carries a maximum of thirty-six guests and offers an average price of $ 2,126 per night for an individual stay of six days or seven nights tour of Great Britain.

The train has five state-room cars, two dining cars, a crew car, and one observation car. The sleeping cars have 14 twin diming cabins, two double and four single state cabins. The rooms have furnished lower beds, a full-length wardrobe, ceiling fan, operating windows, and a private bedroom with a shower.

When it comes to its open deck, it has an observation carriage furnished with comfortable armchair seating and sofa for the passengers to relax and enjoy the scenic view of the countryside and coast.

Venice Simplon Orient Express

This is a luxury train operating across major European destinations owned by Orient-Express Hotels. Its charges average at $ 1,900 per night for a six days or five days voyage between Paris to Venice via Istanbul.

The train has seventeen first-class carriages, which has a carrying capacity of 188 passengers. It also provides accommodation in its Cabin suites and double cabins. Every cabin has interconnecting cabins, which can include single beds or a lounge. On top of it all, the train has a restaurant that has several delicacies and drinks on its menu.

Danube Express

The Danube Express is a luxury train that operates in Europe. An overnight stay at its Deluxe single Ensuite can cost as high as $ 1,535. The train offers four deluxe sleeping cars, a lounge car, a restaurant car, a staff car, and a classic sleeping car. Its carrying capacity is 50 passengers who can select from a variety of accommodation options.

For every Deluxe sleeping coach, there is a five spacious air-conditioned suite compartment with two comfortable lower beds, cupboards, and armchairs. Besides that, it offers a private bathroom which has a shower, a water closet, and a washbasin. All these features make the train to be dubbed as Hotel on Wheels.

Bernina Express

This luxury train operating between Switzerland and Italy holds its fame from its panorama cars that provide exquisite views of the regions that it passes through. The train takes its passengers through mind-blowing scenarios such as deep gorges, loop tunnels, stunning glaciers of the Swiss Alps, and hanging bridges.

It features a short journey between Chur in Switzerland and Tirano in Italy, which takes around four hours. Passengers have the opportunity of enjoying the first and second class carriages that the train has to offer, although its journey only lasts for a while. In that case, it does not feature a world-class restaurant due to its short route.

Elipsos Trenhotel

The Elipsos Trenhotel train runs through popular routes that connect Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, and Zurich. It offers three classes which passengers can choose from. They include tourists, businesses, and grand cabins. It also provides five-star meals to its passengers and the best wines from Paris as well. Passengers have a chance of an overnight ride with tickets going for as low as $ 332 for the Grand Suite.

The Presidential Train

This train chugs between Porto to Quinta in Portugal via Vesuvio and the Douro valley. The train attracts one of the most recognized chefs in the world who showcase their remarkable culinary experience through their dishes. It offers private observation cabins where passengers can watch the golden valley on board as they wait for their meal services.

El Transcantabrico

The Transcantrabrico is a Spanish train chugging in Northern Spain. The train presents six sleepers cabin which has four double compartments and ensuite facilities. In 2011, a new train called the Grand Lujo was unveiled and featured all preferred suites, with half a train car each. The cabins are 129 feet square space, which offers enough space for a modern private lounge area.

Belmond Grand Hibernian

Owned by the Orient Express hotel, this train offers a similar experience, such as Venice orient express and the Belmond Royal Scotsman. It operated in Ireland and was graced by the International Railway Travelers in August 2016. The train offers a magnificent ride along the fascinating countryside and cities of both the Republics of Northern and Southern Ireland.


In May 2012, the Al- Andalus prying along southern Spain opulent returned to business with a 1920 era renovation on its cars. The train features two dining cars, a lounge, a bar, and all ensuite cabins. It also combines its services with exquisite art décor, which styles and represents the unique tour of Andalusia. Finally, the train has a maximum passenger capacity of 64.

Glacier Express

This marks the slowest express in the world. It takes almost eight hours to transverse along the 168 miles mountainous, narrow-gauge railway between Zermatt and St. Moritz. Its Alpine route makes this train to be a passenger’s choice despite its slow speed. Passengers can open their windows to take photos of the scenic countryside without any fuss due to its slow pace.

As a traveler in Europe, there are a lot of luxury trains that you can choose from. All the above-stated options guarantee a remarkable experience to their passengers, which makes them an excellent choice for you.